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00:55 – Publish consistently / Prepare your posts
02:47 – Pick out a model or type
05:07 – Have a principal web-site / Headquarters / Hub
08:46 – Be Open to Experimenting
11:16 – Draw Fanart

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Recording Tools:
Canon EOS M50 Digicam, Movo Microphone, Apple iphone 7 (for more mature movies)
Drawing Gear:
iPad Pro 12.9in (2017), Any sketchbook, pen, or pencil really.
Enhancing Machines:
Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie depending on laziness LOL

New music by Mark Generous – Snooze Button –
New music by Mark Generous – Tranquil Slumber –
New music by Mark Generous – Kahlua With My Espresso –
Songs by Mark Generous – Sing Me To Sleep –


  • saturrrnes says:

    i just knew consistant is gonna be the first rule and that is my problem😭 i suck at being consistang from posting to art style. hhhh

  • Uranus Ouji says:

    I keep clicking videos like this wondering if there's some unknown unspoken secret i have yet to find out but it's all things i already know or have heard before, the only thing i have left to do is to start working and that's what i've been trying to ignore lmao

  • Itsiwhatitsi says:

    Wow you have horns like a devil! Lol. Nice video thanks for the advices!!

  • What if someone takes your art work?

  • Oaishe says:

    Hey some of your links aren't working!

  • Thanks for the tips, especially about scheduling. I found after October especially I would sacrifice sleep to post, it’s not a good idea and I know I need to work on that. As someone who has insomnia I often don’t put much importance on sleep because I think “if I am going to be awake anyway I may as well just do art or post rather than lie in bed awake…”.

  • Me who posts art every day but then suddenly disappearing with a 2-5 day gap between posts:
    Hm yes what is a schedule

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    Social media is our privilege let's use it in the least way possible to help as an outsider!

  • Katrina A. says:

    Ive been thinking of posting some school stuff to my art account and I was hesitant because I did fan art. But then you saying that doing fan art is an advantage kinda gave me relief

  • @mewtripled please let me know if this is rude, but would you mind if I request a video? You’ve talked before about how you had to move really far from home to live in LA. Would you ever be open to talking more about that? My roommates and I are planning a move from the Midwest to LA and feel lost on how to find a good apartment, what to expect culture-wise (do people say “ope” there too), how to prepare for a drastically higher cost of living (how expensive are groceries there?), and what jobs to look for while we’re trying to get hired at studios but still need to pay rent 😅 if you don’t have the time or aren’t comfortable talking about that period in your life, I completely understand! Thank you for reading this!

  • Myasthenia says:

    Starting my art channel has been hard but I finally did it !!!

  • I love your outfit! Do you know where you got it?

  • NeroMai says:

    Bish: "Remember to post on a Consistent basis!"
    Me: posting irregularly every 2 months ……👀

  • litsketchx says:

    How do you post consistently on Instagram/YouTube without draining yourself or making it feel like a task to post?(then it gets less fun.) Cuz boi do i want to start posting but I’m just a lil big scared that posting won’t be fun anymore..🏃🏾‍♀️

  • lismar145 says:

    I have sooo many art I haven't post that I really like, that also I think is better that the ones I have already posted, but I haven't post them cause they are so different from each other and then my grid on ig its goint to look so messy, it's so frustrating 🙁 also look at my profile if you want ig:@lismar145

  • What do you think the best age to start building a social media? I'm 17 and i'm going to need to apply for apprenticeship soon and i'm worried that no one would really want to see my art or it'll be a waste starting at my age

  • pinkykyra says:

    Okay first…
    YOU ARE GORGEOUS 🧡 I love your outfit and your makeup!

    The calendar idea sounds good to me.
    I never even considered writing a schedule for social media down, but I'll look into it.
    But what do you do if you tend to be disorganized with your artwork?

    I'll have so many projects but I can never finish at least one of them, till like, – a decade later- I have a lot motivation.
    Do you have a video on that by any chance?

    Otherwise, I really like the tips you suggest.
    It gives me some hope~

    (I don't like drawing fanart either, I never did enjoy it anyhow.
    But I love fanart made by other people. I will consider it in the future, however.)

  • zee D Roger says:

    Bishes helping bishes that got stuck in her art life, thankyou~

  • B F says:

    Haven't posted chibi fanart in my account in the longest. 🙁

  • Itz_Firi says:

    Hii this video was really helpful! So I know I’m a bit late but I have a little problem. I really wanna grow on social media but I don’t have the motivation to draw anymore. Everything I draw is just…idk..ugly. I just don’t like it. So there’s nothing that I can post. What can I do?? 🙁

  • Kyla Mckenna says:

    I was getting 100+ likes on posts on my art instagram for a while and getting new followers but then all of a sudden I'm getting like 20 likes and losing followers. But I'm still learning and figuring stuff out so I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but at some point I want to try to sell some art so hopefully I can grow a bit

  • Some good advice here 💯

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