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Natasha, Emily and Maya give 1st-hand accounts of their traumatic childhoods and how they have worked to prevail over it by making new life for by themselves next decades of being abused by their dads.

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  • June Andrew says:

    Disgusting behaviour from these so called fathers. Anyone can become a parent. It’s so bloody wrong. I want to kill these bastards.

  • Olivia Raney says:

    God bless Barney 🥺
    He was upset bc someone had hurt her. Not because she didn't tell him or i don't know. He understands her distance and is willing to work with her to heal.

  • I can’t blame the mom for acting so crazy.. she’s hearing the details first time.

  • nadia ingrid says:

    Natashas Mum is TERRIBLE. she’s blaming natasha for her own rape and abuse. she’s yelling and trashing at natasha for her decisions. terrible mother.

  • I'm so happy I watched this.. god bless these girls now women.

  • law never respects women and girls, this is the worst thing imaginable and they get 10 years? you'd get a longer sentence for robbing a very rich man or a huge company.

  • I understand that mother's anger, I'd be super angry at the whole situation and at myself that my child didn't tell me, I'd blame myself

  • A sexual psychopath will never stop unless he is killed or put in prison for life.

  • Izzah Yoni says:

    1 out of 20 is extremely sad.. that means 1 or 2 students out of every class

  • Tiana Lee says:

    These women are warriors.

  • Izzah Yoni says:

    Her mother is right even tho it was harsh to deal with the reality

  • If I were able, I would have killed every last one of those sexual psychopaths. No child should ever have to go through that.

  • Wesaci says:

    You've spelled Pedophile wrong….

  • Watching her mom react was hard. But the daughter did such a great job keeping her calm and being a voice of reason

  • Natashas mother’s is just acting defensive because she is one of those crazy moms who feels such guilt for not knowing like she thought she knew; she is angry at herself…. Angry for failing her daughter and making her daughter carry all of that

  • Macleodking says:

    Natasha's mother is projecting misplaced anger onto her daughter. She says what she would have done if her daughter had told her what was going on, yet acts like Natasha should have possessed an adult understanding to come forward with the incidents. I also get a weird sense that some of the mothers of these female abuse victims are genuinely jealous of their daughters; that they are somehow taking over the role of wife or love interest from them.

  • Natasha's mom reminds me of my mom. NOTHING is ever their fault or their responsiblity. They choose to attack, bully & blame when it's time to take responsibilty. To hear her tell it, my mom was almost mom of the year. When in reality she was an abusive, psychotic, narcissitic & manipulative bully who expected to be worshiped by her kids. She gave nothing in return.

  • Her mom doesn't know how to respond. she is just angry at the situation. She feels helpless. She is angry at herself for not seeing or knowing that it happened. She needs to just sit and listen to what her daughter needs to say.

  • Pedophiles never, ever change. They never do.

  • Vanessa B says:

    my bfs uncle thats 40+ was doing some touching with my bf cousin she was 15 no one told him nothing i told my bf are you seeing what im seeing because what your uncle and cousin are doing is not right n still no one told the uncle nothing so then another cousin came but she was older she 18 or 19
    at that time i wasnt leaving there no more but the 19 yr old cousin is with the uncle and they are marry now n live together its makes me sick and then the uncle and cousin came to visit like theres nothing wrong !!!

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  • notfiveo says:

    I have known 3 girls who were abused by their fathers. One would pray every day and asked God for help. For years she prayed and one day it dawned on her that there is no God.

  • mayatuck says:

    My sister told me a story about a sleepover she had when she was young. Her friend invited her over for a sleep over and my parents, unbeknownst to them, sent my sister into the lions den. When my sister arrived at her girlfriends house, they played and were soon called to dinner. They sat at the table. It was at this time my sisters radar went through the roof. Her mom, standing at the counter, cutting vegetables, not turning around to her daughter, said, "This is a bad idea", talking about having a sleep over. The father came home and everything seemed normal until they went to sleep. The girl stripped naked, opened the door to the bedroom, and got in her bed. My sister was surprised by this because in my house, we wore clothes to bed and had our privacy. My sister spent that night wide awake, listening to someone, we'll assume it was the dad, keep checking on my sister and her friend to see if they were asleep. Needless to say, my sister never went back. I don't know if she ever said anything. She only recently told me about this incident. She told me that years later, he was arrested for abusing his daughter. As her younger brother, I wanted to kill the guy, but knew that the best thing I could do was to listen and always look out for my sister and be vigilant around my own kids. I'm sure I forgot some of the story, but the main parts are there.

  • mayatuck says:

    36:25 When her coach calls her "a diamond in the rough." Her expression is priceless.

  • Imran Younis says:

    Hello West…. Stop making and watching pornogrphy and give simple death sentence to such people in public as tought by Islam. What 'fruit' you are eating today was planted 50 years ago with the 'golden age' of pornogrphy around 1970s then 1980s and 1990s. You have destroyed three generations. Accept this reality and come to real teachings of Islam.

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