What We Stand For

We are driven by a clear set of goals and ideals. How we measure success is based on performance that aligns with these principles.

We have high expectations, so it's important for us to take the time to work collaboratively in order to achieve our shared vision while staying true to ourselves as individuals within this community.

We are

Always Champions for our Customers

We are committed to growing and learning from the successes of our customers. Our employees strive for honesty, transparency, and decisive action while building a culture that is authentic in every interaction with their customer base or peers. We offer competitive prices on all products combined with no unwanted upsells which ensures we deliver an honest experience at each transaction--our goal being 100% satisfaction!

Proud to Stand for Internet Freedom

We take your online safety and privacy very seriously. We believe everyone is entitled to such rights, which cannot be bought or compromised for any reason whatsoever. Namecheap stands firm in defending these principles through public advocacy campaigns as well as partnering with digital rights organizations like Fight For The Future who support the fight for internet freedom around the world (like campaigning against SOPA).

Always Clear and Honest

At the end of every day, we ask ourselves whether or not we are doing everything possible to live out these values. We strive for a culture where honesty and integrity guide all our interactions with each other and those around us in an effortless way that is transparent. This includes both what they see on the outside as well as what goes on behind closed doors - from creating new strategies together to making sure customers get fair prices without unwanted upsells. Our goal is always growth through successes while learning from failures along the way

We pride ourselves at seeking perfection by building trustful relationships internally and externally so everyone can happily do their best work knowing they have someone’s back when needed most

Dedicated to Security & Privacy

OXHosting doesn't want you to get scared, but it's important that we equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for staying safe on the Internet. That way, when things do go wrong - which will happen sometimes no matter what precautions are taken- know how to handle them without too much hassle. With research and testing backed by industry safety standards as well as our commitment to only working with partners who share our highest expectations regarding internet privacy and security, your online experience is going to be a whole lot safer than if not using OXHosting products!

The average person spends more time surfing social media or making purchases from their phone these days than they spend talking face-to-face about anything of importance in real-life situations...except maybe